Rachel Nabors

Welcome to Stalag UK

I’m angry. I’m embarrassed by your mistreatment. I’m busting a gut not to say s***y. Can’t help it, I’m old- school; I believe in respect, compassion and other unfashionable standards (in the UK, “leftwing” qualities).

This kind of approach to international relations has always been here, stealthily, back in the good old (empire) days, overtly, in the bad new days.

See the monster, slay the monster

What follows will be no consolation to know but only by conversing can we have even the remotest chance of reversing this trend.

There’s this idiot ideology called neo-liberalism which we all know about because its believers crashed the global economy in 2008. Instead of slithering back into whatever slurry pit they emerged from, they saw it as an opportunity ffs, to reduce all except the élite to servitude.

This approach requires the élite to adopt the characteristics of the psychopath. Actually, that’s not a big reach for most of them; btw, what’s FrankenTrump up to these days? We hear so little of him these days, lol. He’s the perfect exemplar. Plausible, charismatic (in a vile way) and, flipside, mendacious and ruthless. And rich, very. As we could all be if we never paid tax, amongst other things.

The British self-image has, until recently, included a belief in justice, respect and compassion. Decency. However, at the end of the ‘70s, the first neo-liberals began to strip away these ideas, hollowing them out and closing them down. The first target was heavy industry, manufacturing: today, an all but forgotten “myth”. I suspect that, as an American, you are familiar with the strategy.

There have been many other “improvements” since then. It’s best to jump forward to what you encountered because the blow-by-blow account is too depressing.

The monster today

A quick spin through European history would demonstrate that, ultimately, “all for me, nothing for you” always ends in tears. Our present lords and masters are expensively educated. That doesn’t mean they have any real culture or intelligence; on the contrary, they are cultural and historical illiterates. It is they who are the peasants but it is we who are taught to believe that we are expendable serfs. In the UK, all kinds of rights have been removed; everything has been sold to dodgy corporations that charge up to ten times for inferior services, compared to the previous public services. It’s still our money that pays for it.

Fear and loathing in the “free” world

Vulture capitalism dominates the globe. It’s parasitical and destructive. We’re working for wages so low we can’t afford to buy even a modest home and can barely afford the rent. All economically-inefficient groups in our society have been demonised (successfully); this means the old, the poor, the young, the gender different, the disabled, the sick. It’s hard for women to achieve wage parity, in fact, any parity; covert prejudice in race, colour and creed has become overt, even fashionable.

In short, they started on us before they started on others. The wealthy have sold war around the world and now, as it reflects back at all of us, the global élites are paranoid and driven by redirected guilt. They have security fever. They are building walls. Around their houses (gated communities). Around their wealth (anonymous tax havens). Around their territory (Trump/Mexico). Around us — you’ve seen a few of ours. Btw, what uniforms were your jailers wearing?

Your treatment was rough. Breathe a sigh of relief that you’re not a refugee. There are “internment” camps all over Europe; the UK is no exception. People are held in appalling conditions, dirty, subject to physical and emotional abuse, for years, in private prisons before being returned, in some cases, to certain death in their home country.

It’s all looking quite apocalyptic just now. It’s nothing new. Humanity has a peculiar talent for tripping itself up every Now and Then. This is one of those Now moments. Buckle up, it’s going to be bumpy.

Meanwhile, I have something to do: send your article to all and sundry including our Prime Minister. I love your artwork which actually shows you still have your sense of humour; hold on to it — they don’t understand it. You work on your lunatics and I’ll work on mine. Per ardua, ad astra.

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