Tips for staying properly hydrated

They say you should drink half a gallon of water a day to be properly hydrated. If you’re anything like me, accidentally swallowing water in the shower might be the most water you drink a day. So here are some tips I’ve come up with to keep myself hydrated.

  1. Get a refillable water bottle. It’s better for the environment and a handy way to carry a lot of water with you. I have a 24 oz. Contigo Autoseal Grace water bottle. It requires filling up a few times a day since it’s only 24 oz, but it’s not so large that I hate lugging it around.
    Which type of spout you should get is up to you, but having one that is easy to pick up and drink from (I just push a button on mine when taking a sip) instead of one with a twist-off top makes you more likely to take sips from it often.
  2. Take the bottle with you everywhere. Water fountains don’t just pop out of nowhere when you’re thirsty, so having your own water reservoir with you will keep your palette quenched.
  3. Have a boring job. Bored at work? Take a drink of water to give your mind a break from all that work you’re not doing. When it’s empty, go fill it up. You’re also going to need to pee a lot after drinking all this water, so frequent bathroom breaks will make those 8 hours fly by (not really, but anything to pass the time, am I right?).
  4. Be socially anxious. It’s usually an innate quality, but if you’re not sure you have it in you, look deeper — social awkwardness is in all of us.
  5. Develop a nervous habit. Everyone says to make drinking water a habit, but let’s face it, habits are as hard to make as they are to break. It’s why I rarely hang my coat up, wake up with my first alarm, or exercise. So, if you’ve already locked down tip 4, all you have to do is associate taking a drink of water with feeling more comfortable in social situations. Having that water bottle in hand during meetings with your manager, presentations, and even social gatherings combined with a nervous habit to take a sip whenever you feel awkward will fill your mouth with water instead of allowing it to spew pure nonsense. You’ll be looking for anything to cut eye contact, fill the silence, or avoid more conversation, and that water bottle in your hand is a perfect excuse. If you’re as socially awkward as me, you’ll be hydrated in no time!
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