The Power of Everyday Missionaries

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and more importantly I have put it into practice. We have many friends of other faiths and some who have no religious affiliation and a few of our friends say they do not believe in God. After reading this book we had the courage to invite our friends to our home to have dinner and meet the missionaries from our church. We invited 3 different families. The first accepted, met the missionaries, asked questions and even came to church with us. They have not decided to continue at this point but we remain good friends and we gained greater appreciation for each others beliefs. The second was my accountant and his wife. They are very active in their church and they enjoyed the dinner and meeting the missionaries. They accepted copies of the Book of Mormon and are open minded enough to read it. They have expressed interest to continue to meet with us. The final family we invited were already good friends of ours but now they are like family. They accepted our invitation and have enjoyed going to church with us. After accepting our invitation they said they have been looking for a good church for their family. They all recently decided to be baptized and are now actively involved in church. We enjoyed watching the miracle of change in them. Their marriage is stronger and happier. Their children love church and there is peace and love in their home. They are also planning on going to the temple in a year as a family. I highly recommend this book. Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ is one of the greatest things that we can do and this book helps us understand how to do it effectively.

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