Opinion: Extreme Bernie Sanders Supporter’s Backlash When You Write the Truth
S. Novi

Firstly I agree with many of the points in the article. I’m just not sure what the point is? Yes there are extreme people in every group, that would include Hillary supporters or literally any group that exists pretty much. You all are aware are you not that Bernie worked as hard as he could to elect Hillary? No sane person regardless of who they originally supported wanted to see Grumpf elected. That last sentence may be somewhat harsh as not everyone who voted for him is insane though I honestly think the majority are. The others were either conned, irrational, wealthy or he appeal to there baser instincts. So anyway what is the point of this? Just to congratulate yourself on being rational Hillary supporters? Or to fuel more antagonism between Bernie and Hillary supporters? I agree dialogue is necessary and in fact we all need to unite against the greatest danger before us which is Grumpf and the Republican Party. So how does this article contribute to that goal?

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