The problem of reaching Google Material hamburger menu
Roman Kamushken

I don’t think it is a problem. And I don’t like the “solution” at all.

It breaks the whole flow of reading… when have you seen a book/magazine that has the titles at the bottom and the content on top of it?

Or text aligned to the right side?

At least I haven’t seen such thing in Spanish, English or Italian texts/content.

It also looks bad and wouldn’t be applicable to all cases.

What would happen with the Floating Action Button?

If there are Bottom Tabs in Guidelines why would one use “normal” tabs at the bottom instead of the Bottom Tabs?

Additionally, I don’t know if you knew navigation drawer can be slided from anywhere of the left edge of the screen. The area from one can slide it, still is inside the “reachable” area you mention.

And honestly, if one can’t reach the top of a big screen, one shouldn’t buy a device that big.

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