Free Write (12/31/2017)

I haven’t been here in a while because without a commute, I don’t have the downtime to just mosey on into a write.

I actually should be coming in every day because I have been getting incredible insights every day with every passing conversation. I had a conversation with a weed grower that is feeling pressures from the government right before legalization. I had many conversations about cryptocurrencies. More about how certain management practices come to be.

And one interesting thing that I am very interested in is seeing a company grow much faster than it is capable of controlling. What happens when the market demand forces a company to hire hundreds of people and no one has time to get to know one another? I will find out soon through a colleague who is experiencing that right now.

Every person around me has an experience or lesson learned that I want to hear and experience. Each new perspective brings reality that much more in focus for me.

That is one huge thing I’ve realized recently. Open-mindedness is the only smart way to navigate life and change. Closed-mindedness (aka thinking what you already know is all you need to know from this point on) is simply giving up.

I hope to move into the new year continuing to do crazy new things and absorbing all the perspectives I can. 2017 has been amazing for me.

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