Free Write 14

I was just reminded recently about the most important thing to keep in mind when talking with other people.

Don’t worry about saying something interesting, don’t worry about being eloquent or funny, don’t worry about not finding something in common to talk about.

The only thing you need to keep in mind when talking with someone else is considering them important. Focus your energy on them and look for ways to acknowledge what they are saying. Be their cheerleader (not because you want to curry favor, but truthfully, because everyone on Earth is a valuable person, just like yourself).

That is how conversation is fun and uplifting. Conversation where you compare and judge breaks you down, but conversation where both people uplift and affirm, that’s the kind of shit I like.

So if you’re interested in a mundane question, ask it. And communicate your interest in the answer. Be present in what you say and understand that what we seek is connection, not entertainment.

Tell people why you think they are interesting. Share with them how you feel about things. It’s nice to know you aren’t alone in the world sometimes.

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