Free Write 31

Creating motivation is a chicken and egg problem.

If you don’t have it, you won’t feel motivated to create it. If you have it, it’s fairly easy to generate more of it.

A few weeks ago, I had plenty and was constantly building more. How was I building it? By doing things.

Three things that will help me return to a productive state.

One, reflect on the work I am already doing. Keep reminding myself that even when I feel like I am doing nothing, I am still being productive.

Two, do the smallest thing. Blog post today.

Three, regain control. Meditate and reflect. I want to think through what I want to do today and then methodically do it.

Action items.

Meditate on my successes yesterday and make sure I don’t discount them.

Yesterday i had a great date and it went very well. i think i did a good job of hosting and planning. i cleaned up my place and finished some tv shows i wanted to finish.

Blog post.

Meditate and refrain from distracting myself for the rest of the day. List out my schedule and stick to it.

on that.

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