Free Write 56

Thought comes before ideas. Ideas come before inspiration. Inspiration comes before intent. Intent comes before action. And the whole thing is a process.

I feel like the root of all unhappiness and lack of progress is forgetting that this is how things work.

Some people complain that they just aren’t creative or don’t have any good ideas. That’s because they haven’t thought through things enough. So simply make the habit of thinking even the most apparently obvious things through completely.

Here’s a question that can help you understand why. Do you think things are being done the best possible way in life? Have things stopped improving?

If we consider transportation, we have continually found better ways to do things. Cars, airplanes, and within cars, more efficient engines and electric power. There is always something that can be done better. With the latest innovation comes breakthrough clarity for what the next step can be. So keep looking because it’s there.

Some people say they just don’t feel inspired. They don’t want to do anything. That’s because they haven’t come up with any cool ideas yet. Ideas about who they want to be in a year or 3 years time. Ideas about how cool the future is going to be. Ideas about how things can change for the better. If enough of them float around in your head and you entertain them long enough, they will grow into something that you want to make real.

Some people just can’t take action. They have the idea and are inspired, but for the life of them, they cannot get moving. That’s because they haven’t fostered intent. They haven’t developed that habit of creating the future by planning and doing what you said you would. This is a skill that takes exercise to develop.

Intend to work out today and then go. Intend to go for a short walk and then go. Intend something, and then do it. Work your way up and then action will become a habit. You still need intention for action to be both prompt and effective.

I like this framework. I need to build more intention into my life. So I will write out today’s plan and execute.

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