Free Write

I gain a lot of nourishment from observing other people. When I take the perspective of understanding that we are all single souls wandering this beautiful rock. I start to feel a sense of community, even among strangers.

As it was written, “Naked, I came to this earth, and naked, I will return.” This isn’t something to fear. It is freeing.

I started my life with nothing and I can’t bring anything with me when I leave. Reflecting on this thought brings me through a lot of thoughts.

We were all born babies with no idea what the world was like. We all stumbled our way through life. Realizing this was impolite or that was dangerous.

All of that experience rolled up into this person I see walking on the street next to me, making the most of what he or she has learned thus far.

It helps to remind myself that everything we do is learned. “Weird” is going against what you have learned. But what is weird today is the norm tomorrow. The walls we encounter in society are a lot more fragile than people let on. If you ask the same question three times, people will eventually realize that it’s okay to answer. You won’t bite.

I want to take this unbiased perspective on people’s behavior more. We don’t have to do anything, we should just do what we want. (Beyond what we need to do for survival, of course.)

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