Free Write (8/27/2018)

Every misunderstanding is a teaching moment. No matter how tactfully (or rudely) a person has handled a situation, the very fact that an interaction has taken place is an opportunity to align perspectives.

People cannot help but have the perspective they have. These perspectives come from their life experiences. Asking people to have a perspective beyond what they can see is asking for the impossible. It would be like asking me to have an opinion about which African presidential candidate should win the election.

I have absolutely zero context about the issue at hand, so I will very easily have an opinion that overlooks huge swaths of the problem set.

In the same way, when people give their opinion and it has overlooked a large part of the problem set, don’t get angry at them for their lack of experience. That is counterproductive. Give them the missing parts of the puzzle that brings them to the same conclusion you have.

This is how you make lasting change in a person and an organization. By building their experiences and perspectives until they see enough to make the same decisions that you would. Handling this in any other way simply band-aids the issue. It will come up again. Enable people to help themselves. Cement up the hole and it will never be an issue again.