Go Your Own Way

Who gives a shit what people say?

Whether something is said or not, reality has not changed.

I could tell you I’m gonna be the richest man in the world. Now will I? Not necessarily.

I could tell you that you are a monster and should go die. Now are you and should you? No.

Of course, it hurts. You can’t help but feel the emotions they are trying to evoke immediately, but you shouldn’t stop there.

Reflect on the situation. Why would they say what they said? Are they bitter at the world? Are they in a good mood? Do they think everyone should live a certain way?

Statements are by definition a reflection on that person’s opinion. Statements do not exist without the person attached to them. So you can decide whether they reflect reality or not.

Think about that the next time you are afraid of approaching a girl (or guy). Hopefully you’ve met a girl who liked you. If another girl doesn’t like you, well, that’s just her opinion. Just like one person likes vanilla and another likes chocolate, there are going to be some people who don’t care for you.

But it doesn’t set your worth. It is simply one opinion of millions. Nothing sets your worth except yourself. And the thing that bolsters you the most is thinking about the things you want and going after them.

The challenge and hope will shape you, you will feel more empowered and then you’ll realize that you have a voice that equals any other and if you speak more, you have more of a voice. Speak, act, listen. Doing any action exerts your force on the world.

Be a positive force and lead others by example. Begin shaping the world the way you think it should be by pursuing it yourself. Others will follow. Some will reject you, but that’s their choice.

I like going my own way. Go yours.