Free write 9

The coffee cup in my hand is more than just a cup. I tip it back and let flow liquid happiness. Warmth and sweet mocha flows over my tongue and teeth as I savor the mouthful, swishing it like a flavorful mouthwash.

I look around as I walk. People wander around me peering down on their smartphones like they’re trying to find North. They look trapped on those things, I thought.

But as I watch them, I take another perspective. One could be texting a daughter, another getting informed on things happening in the world. They were connecting with others.

The familiar soft scrape of traffic rises and falls around me as I wait my turn to cross the street. I sigh. The world is out-of-control and calm at the same time. It is moments like this that make realize that all the topics running through my mind on a given day aren’t that important. They are nowhere near as real as this coffee in my hand or these people around me.

The world is simple, we just have a tendency to make it less so. Simply live. And you will help those around you regain themselves. I am me. Regardless of occupation, ambition, or status. All other ways to identify myself are unstable. I aim to love myself even if I am fired, old, fat or ugly. It is a constant battle against my ego, but it is the most important.

The light turns green and I continue walking, leaving this little corner in search of my next adventure.