Let's motivate and help the beginners towards weight loss and fitness

Jahnavi Thiagarajan
May 29 · 3 min read
Weightloss Tips for Beginners.

These days, people don’t have time to eat the right food or do the right exercises since; they are living a very hectic lifestyle. Everyone is running behind money and building up their career and neglecting their health. This has been leading to numerous health problems.

People generally do not go to the gym for exercising as they barely have any time for it. People go to the gym either to lose weight or to build up muscles.

The younger generation should not focus only on bodybuilding but they should take note of what they consume daily into consideration and goal should be overall fitness. Healthy lifestyle and consuming a complete and healthy diet is very important than building body or losing weight quickly. This is because too much of unhealthy food leads to obesity.

Let us focus on starting a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a fit body.

Tip 1: Maintaining a fitness journal

We normally keep a journal for preserving our memories but it is also a great tool for maintaining and tracking your weight loss. In the fitness journal, maintain a weight loss diet plan along with the following things, these should be updated every day such as:

  • Amount of intake of calories for each meal.
  • Amount of water intake per day
  • Exercise time
  • Amount of calories burnt

Tip 2: Join a fitness group

It is highly recommended to join a fitness group where you can mingle with more people who wish to achieve similar fitness goals. The rapport and support one gets from the people in the fitness group will be very effective in motivating each individual to exercise regularly and achieve their fitness goals.

Tip 3: Yoga

Yoga makes one’s body strong and flexible which improves the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and hormonal systems. Yoga ensures emotional stability, provides relaxation and clarity of mind.

Along with Yoga, one can start doing pranayama or breathing exercise.

Tip 4: Avoid Junk

Eating outside food, fried items, and high-calorie drinks, this has become a habit. This has to change! Weekly once having junk food is fine when it is limited in terms of calories, but on a daily basis will spoil your health. Avoid anything that is refined, packed and is from the factory. Instead, eat fried homemade food which wouldn't harm your body.

Tip 5: Consume more water

Each individual should at least drink eight glasses of water daily because our body is made up of 75 percent of water. Drinking more water aids in the faster fat burning process. When your body feels dehydrated, one will have the desire to eat more.

Keeping your body fit is the best medicine you can give to your body. It does not mean that if you are getting older, it is considered the ticket to get fatter. We should understand clearly that at a young age, it is easy to lose weight just by including occasional exercise activities in our daily routine. However, as our age increases, the metabolic rate decreases which cause severe weight gain.

Hope this article motivates you and make you follow a healthy diet and you exercise regularly.

Stay Healthy. Stay Fit. Live Happily!

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