Depression In Men

As human beings we are all prone to suffer from depression but symptoms in men can be very different. Men who are depressed tend to display emotions such as anger or aggression, rather then be sad or cry. Even close friends and family members along with members of the medical profession wont always recognise the anger or aggression as signs of depression.

Depression is known as “a common but serious mood disorder that may cause severe symptoms”. When your depressed it affects your ability to feel , think carry out day to day tasks.

As men we feel weak talking about our issues, problems and feelings, unless it’s past tense. Our emotions, fears , experiences , insecurities and expectations of ourselves is what turns us into men, due to the fact that most of us have grown up in society where we have to be musclemen we tend to deal with negative emotions by taking risk such as drinking , taking drugs or some men find themselves cheating and blaming it on the stress.

Women tend to cope with stress and negative emotions in a much more productive way than men, why do you think you hear or read quotes such as “behind every successful man there’s a woman that got them there”. In today society 76% of suicides are from a male population and every hour sixty men try to take their own lives. The statistics also show that the majority of suicides are from men in their mid life. As men currently in mid-life are experiencing more mental health problems and unhappiness compared to younger and older people.

Men are less likely than women to have an open view of seeking help with means such as counselling or therapy this only occurs usually when times get tough they tend to use these services. It’s okay to not be okay speak up and get help , behind every successful man is a role model, a mentor, partner, friend that they were able talk to confine in which helped them grow into who they are today. Its okay not to be okay!! seek help and advice if you find yourself or anyone close to you suffering.