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Sliders (or carousels) are some of the most common elements in almost any website these days, regardless of how you feel about them they can offer a convenient way of displaying information specially when screen size is limited.

In e-commerce websites use cases range from displaying featured products, banners, promotions, product galleries, you name it! There’s no shortage of these bad boys in the wild even though their effectiveness is a bit controversial it’s one of those things users are used to seeing so it provides a low-friction experience for most people.

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Style feed in using a slider

Luckily for us frontend developers there are hundreds of Javascript-based sliders out there to choose from, unfortunately most of them share the same draw back: they are terrible for performance, and believe me when I say it because I’ve used all of them, every single one of them¹. …


Javier Villanueva

Lead Developer at Media Lounge · 6x Magento Certified & Full Stack Developer · E-Commerce Specialist · Currently @ Bournemouth, UK

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