13 reasons to not vote for Jeremy Corbyn to be leader of the Labour Party
Labour Pains

1. 35 economists disagree with you. https://www.opendemocracy.net/ourkingdom/ourkingdom/35-economists-back-corbyn's-policies-as-'sensible'
What are your credentials in the dismal science?
2. Does this mean he shouldn’t at least try? And claiming that he will pay for “everything” that way is wilful misrepresentation of his position.
3. He doesn’t have to. He just needs to bring back enough former Labour voters and energise some of those that have become disconnected from politics, or young people that have never felt connected.
4. Erm? Yes it does.
5. It is all about moving the “Overton Window”.
6. I don’t have a problem with opening mines. Although there are many hazardous jobs we do have H&S procedures and new technology to produce a cleaner product. Strange this argument should come from the side of the debate that normally favours fracking.
7. I cannot see this particular policy advancing past himself tbh. Leaders rarely get all their own way. Labour leaders seem to rarely get their own way. Membership of NATO should not mean we are America’s lapdog though, ready to jump into any war they demand.
8. “Non-voters don’t vote” is a truism defined by itself. To then claim they vote right wing is utter nonsense. Take the example of Scotland where turnouts are up and electors have resoundingly opted for the left-wing option.
9. Electing Corbyn is far from wallowing in defeatism, his election will signal an anti-austerity stance for HM Opposition rather than an opposition posing as a washed-out version of the governing party. Too often I heard “Why should I vote for you, you are all the same?”.
10. Szyria and Podemos is nothing to do with why one should or shouldn’t vote for Corbyn. His electoral strategy is not based around attracting the votes of the very poorest. That is mere polemic and not a reasoned argument.
11. Yes the last Labour government did do some wonderful things, things for which they should rightly be praised. They also introduced Student Fees for which they should be lambasted. They also help prevent a complete meltdown of the financial system when the casino bankers broke the economy.
12. I don’t agree that the gender of the leader has any bearing upon its progressiveness and should not even be an electoral issue. Labour has a fine record in promoting diversity. Personally I would vote for whoever is closest to my opinion, female or male.
13. Playing to the politics of fear. A Labour Party that mimics the Tories will never again get elected. I firmly believe that Corbyn can win the General Election, we need an effective opposition, one that actuall opposes instead of meekly abstaining on important welfare issues.

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