How might we create a more seamless and rewarding campus sponsorship service for students and brands?


Campus sponsorships are an integral part of the extra-curricular student experience at universities. Every year, student organizers need to find funding for their clubs and events, and they reach out to brands asking for sponsorship. Historically, this involves a painful coordination process for both sides of the market.

For students…

How might we improve mutual understanding between effective altruism communities in Asia and the West?

Note: some images have been intentionally blurred to protect confidentiality.

Network map of Effective Altruism stakeholders in Asia



To improve understanding and communication between Effective Altruism (EA) communities in Asia and Western countries.

Methods and Tools

  • Database aggregation
  • Expert and user interviews
  • Stakeholder mapping (geographical and network)
  • Stakeholder case studies
  • Evaluation framework design
  • Theory of change mapping

Findings and Output

Improving understanding…

Questions I use for my weekly review


Part 1: Analysis

What is one of my most significant accomplishments from last week? It might help to think about the most important goals or objectives you have set for yourself. In what ways did you make meaningful progress towards them this week?

What surprised…

My deeper, underlying, fundamental values and wants. My philosophy of life. My sense of purpose, vision, and meaning.

The Philosophy

What is life about?

To me, it seems to be about maximizing human potential. One way to look at this is the difference between the accomplishment and satisfaction achieved at the beginning and the end of…

Looking at my physical endeavours, talents, skills and ambitions. Also my skill development, practicing, training and competition.


The year started out with trepidatious casual frisbee playing, post-2017 injuries, then an angry hiatus prompted by another ankle twist in Q2, and finally some social frisbee playing in Q4 while travel-working in the Balkans.

As I was mostly unsure of how my frisbee life would evolve, I decided to…

How to get the hard-to-find nutrients in a plant based diet, including what foods, where to get them and how much they cost.

Foods for Missing Nutrients


Symptoms I’m trying to avoid: fatigue

  • Nutritional yeast (iherb)

Also for Vitamin D / calcium:

  • Soy milk (grocery store)
  • Fortified cereals, esp. bran (supermarket)
  • Fortified candy (grocery store)


Symptoms I’m trying to avoid: fatigue, weakness

  • Fresh edamame (street market)
  • Dried beans: lentils, baked beans (supermarket)
  • Dark chocolate / cacao: bar…

My approach to conducting a thorough review of my life

1. Compasses

Compasses provide the high-level direction or vision (the what and why) that informs my how I approach the various areas of my life (the hows).


My deeper, underlying, fundamental values and wants. My philosophy of life. My sense of purpose, vision, and meaning.

Positioning and Preferences

My identity and model of myself. Understanding…

Looking at my ability to feel and experience the human spectrum of emotions. My creativity and its expression. A sense of intimate connection with others.


This was not an area that I was particularly aware of and (hence) intentional about. I mostly went with the flow of creative opportunities, and I think in the process, discovered more about my preferences and perceived gaps in this area.

The Good Stuff

Jah Ying Chung

Figuring out how to design orgs and ecosystems to do the most good. Geeks out on “life ops”. Past lives: edtech founder + climate campaigner @ China & SE Asia.

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