How might we create a more seamless and rewarding campus sponsorship service for students and brands?


Campus sponsorships are an integral part of the extra-curricular student experience at universities. Every year, student organizers need to find funding for their clubs and events, and they reach out to brands asking for sponsorship. Historically, this involves a painful coordination process for both sides of the market.

For students, what follows is a multi-month process of proposal writing, cold calling, email follow ups, and if they’re lucky, pitching and back-and-forth negotiations with someone from Marketing or HR. For others, it may be months of silence, waiting and guessing.

On the other hand, brands are inundated with sponsorship requests. If they’re lucky enough to actually find a proposal that’s relevant to the brand, has meaningful scale and shows some potential return on investment, they then need to go through the negotiation process, coordinate with students across multiple campuses/cities/countries, and figure out how to credibly measure and report the impact of their logo or product exposure. …

How might we improve mutual understanding between effective altruism communities in Asia and the West?

Note: some images have been intentionally blurred to protect confidentiality.

Network map of Effective Altruism stakeholders in Asia



To improve understanding and communication between Effective Altruism (EA) communities in Asia and Western countries.

Methods and Tools

  • Documentation review
  • Database aggregation
  • User interviews
  • Stakeholder mapping (geographical and network)
  • Stakeholder case studies
  • Evaluation framework design
  • Theory of change mapping

Findings and Output

Improving understanding of the Asian landscape

  • In general, most stakeholders underestimated the amount of activity happening in Asia, including those from Western and Asian countries.
  • This may be in part due to the lack of public information about EA activities and actors in Asia, as Asian stakeholders rarely published writing on major EA communications channels. …

Questions I use for my weekly review


Part 1: Analysis

What is one of my most significant accomplishments from last week? It might help to think about the most important goals or objectives you have set for yourself. In what ways did you make meaningful progress towards them this week?

What surprised me? Have I updated my thinking?

What is one thing I learned this past week that I will be able to apply going forward?


Jah Ying Chung

Figuring out how to design orgs and ecosystems to do the most good. Geeks out on “life ops”. Past lives: edtech founder + climate campaigner @ China & SE Asia.

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