JY’s 30 after 30

Jah Ying Chung

30 things I want to make happen in my 30s
removed some things to leave space for new things

10 things to do

  • Thank the teachers (with positive intention) that most influenced me
  • Host a concert for friends
  • Find places to call home
  • Competitively play a masters tournament — done!
  • Hang out with whales (in whatever way causes them minimal harm)
  • Indoor skydiving
  • A Mumford concert
  • Free diving

10 things to learn

  • Tea
  • Enough guitar to accompany myself
  • Vegan cooking (lessons)
  • Chinese (creative) writing
  • History, especially Chinese
  • Movement (“physical vocabulary”)
  • Singing
  • Social dance

10 things to explore/test

  • Research / academia — in progress
  • Diplomacy
  • Facilitation


Jah Ying Chung

Written by

Efficiency + psychology geek. Past edtech founder & climate campaigner @China. Experimenting with “life operations” to design a sustainable and impactful life.

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