Third Gender @ Y- chromosome

A Curiosity develops having faith in God who creates us. When baby is about to come a surprise surrounds the atmosphere whether it will be a boy or girl. But suddenly some thing else is visible. It is neither a boy nor a girl but mix of two or mix of nothing. Question is as how such surprise comes.

Human body made of cell contains nucleus which contains chromosomes. Sexuality is controlled by these chromosomes. The Y. Chromosome was identified as the sex determination factor long back in 1905. Females normally have an XX chromosome pair and males have an XY chromosome pair, women born with Y chromosomes don’t only look like women physically but they also have the some brain responses to Sexual stimuli, called complete androgen insensitivity. “our findings rule out direct effect of Y Chromosome in producing masculine patterns of response “said Kim Wallen, Professor of psychology and behavioral neuro endcrinology of Emmor . He father says “ It’s further evidence that we need to revamp our thinking about what we mean by man and women”

Since y chromosome was identified as the sex determining chromosome, therefore women with complete endrogen insensitivity are borne with a XY chromosome, the women have testes that are not visible within their groins but they lack neural receptors for endrogens so they can not respond to the endrogens that their testes produce.

They can, however, respond to the oestrogens that their testes produce so they can develop physically as women and undergo a feminizing puberty. Since they do not have ovaries or a uterus, they can nor have children. Hamann says “We did not find any difference between the neural responses of women with complete endrogen insensitivity and typical women, although they were both very different from those of men in the study”.

From above study one say that inspite of two genders there is third gender too. We can call it transgender. Since Y. Chromosome is controlling chromosome of gender,therefore researches are in progress whether a transgender can be changed to male or female gender.In view of it we have to know who are transgender. How it can be defined? It is difficult to define transgender as it is an umbrella term and include many with divergent sexual identities and orientations. Transgender is a state of one’s gender identity (self identification as a man, woman, neither or both).

The International Conferance on Transgender Law and Employment policy defined transgender as on expensive umbrella term including transsexual, transgenderists, cross- dressers and any one transitioning. It include sometimes overlapping categories. These include transsexual, transvestite, cross-dresser, genderqueer, androgyne and bigender.

Olympic Gold medalist Bruce Jenner’s emergence as Caitlyn has raised many issues and also eyebrows. She stepped out of her male trappings so publicly, Caitlyn has broken free of her gender trap. Bachi Karkaria says” It would be so much more 21st century if conventional thinking were be do the same and finally shed those hide bound stereotypes”.

“It was about my life, who I am as a person. How many women can reveal the full extent of their selves – even when they don’t need years of painful gender re-assignment surgery”. His contours and curves have gone wide to world, a man to women”.Bruce Jenner won the most coveted gold in the punishing decathlon at Montreal. He won it competing against males. Despite over still iffy understanding of gender, it is safe to assume that his female quotient was already there when he stunned the world.”

Santhi Soundararajan is another case who won laurels, put India on world map until one day she was stripped off her dignity. Since Caitlyn Jenner featured on front page of Vanity Fair which has covered her story, while accepting the Arther Ashe Courage award, she was upfront about her pain at discovering firsthand the difficulties of so many members of trans community who tried to be themselves but being bullied getting beaten up, committing suicides, Here Caitlyn got courage.

Santhi Soundrarajan an Olympic player was indignified when in 2006 her privates were examined and her gender questioned. She was labeled as man and stripped off the 800, silver at the Asian games. None in India stood for her human dignity or against the country’s shame left her to suvive on Rs. 200/-a day as wage earner in Tamil Nadu.

Dutee’s is recent case, a sprinter to pioneer, the athlet’s successful challenge of established regulation opens the door for others caught in predicament when it became clear that Dutee cannot compete, there was doubt whether Dutee is boy or girl. She got through by proving that athletes based on a natural and essential immutable physical characteristics, namely the quantity of testosterone is produced by their body which is in the range of a boy.

This way, one can be sure that Y chromosome has the determining factor of gender when Caitlyn like man can shed his feministic look and stature to masculine factor in bold letters.






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