What is Going on with Digitized Education in Canada?

Jai Mansukhani
3 min readFeb 26, 2024

What we’re trying to do about it.

A recent article I came across caught my attention. This article by Microsoft Canada highlighted specific issues educators face in Canada. With the rapid adoption of digital tools in classrooms, a significant gap has emerged: while 82% of teachers have seen an increase in digital tools since the pandemic, only 35% feel equipped with the best tools to enhance their teaching effectively.

This discrepancy points to a crucial need for platforms that introduce digital innovation into learning environments and support educators in harnessing these tools to their full potential. We want to step into this space with a clear vision and a commitment to empowering educators and engaging students in new, meaningful ways.

Microsoft Education insights

At Lumos, we took these insights as a mandate to innovate. Our platform isn’t just another tool in the digital arsenal; it’s a bridge to the future of education. We want to pursue the ideology that AI can be specialized per institution to offer the maximum creativity for any educator.

Tailored Training for Teachers

Understanding that technology alone isn’t the solution, Lumos is committed to equipping educators with digital tools and the knowledge and training to use them effectively. We want to give teachers charge of creative input, allowing them to guide learning rather than specify the answer immediately. Our training programs are designed to make the transition to digital seamless, ensuring educators can enhance their teaching methods confidently.

Lumos Learn is a fun app on iOS, with Lumos Web for Educators launching soon.

AI-Driven Engagement for Students

Acknowledging the gap where only half of the teachers feel current methods effectively engage students, Lumos introduces an interactive, AI-generated content platform. This approach caters to diverse learning styles and makes education more accessible, enjoyable, and tailored to individual student needs, ensuring that every learner can find their path to success.

Inclusivity and Emotional Well-being

At the core of Lumos’s mission is the belief that every student deserves to feel valued and understood. Our content and platform design prioritize inclusivity and accessibility, addressing the crucial aspect of mental and emotional well-being. We foster a more nurturing and supportive educational ecosystem by creating an environment where every student’s needs are met. We also want to focus on subgroups for students, primarily those with learning disabilities.

As the market pivots towards a digital future, We want to lead the charge by preparing educators and institutions to participate and thrive in this new landscape. Our focus on AI-generated content aims to demystify technology, presenting AI as a creative companion in the learning journey. This approach prepares students for tomorrow’s technological advancements and changes the narrative around AI in education, making it a source of innovation and creativity rather than intimidation.

What’s Next for Us

Our vision extends beyond current offerings. We are continuously exploring new insights and feedback to evolve our platform. Future updates will include features to enhance time management and productivity and further personalize the learning experience for educators and students. Our goal is to create a dynamic, responsive platform that addresses the real needs of the educational community.

Join Us on This Journey

We are at a pivotal moment in educational history. The shift towards digital learning is not just a trend; it’s the future. We are committed to leading this change, offering solutions that empower educators, engage students, and prepare the next generation for a world where digital fluency is paramount. We invite you to explore our platform, join our community, and redefine the boundaries of education.

Here’s our website so you can learn more.

If you’re a parent or student in k12 who likes flashcards, we released an app on iOS.

We’re testing our model with more schools, so if you want early access to Lumos Web, book a meeting with me.



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