Engagement + productivity Glued w/ FUN

Hello Humans of the world in the internet,

I’ve been studing cases from all around the world about gamification settings, Education, Business, Services, Produt development, etc…

And i’ve found that there only the succefully cases are publish in the internet of things. And i would like to know the cases that failed, to understand what went wrong, to learn from them the do’s and dont’s.

And even if we know that similar situacions may have different outcomes, at least it would be another choice to have.

But we can also learn from the succefully cases, to understand how it become possible to be applied, or what drove those teams to search for a gamified solucion or maybe just to feel the sensation of a well placed solution, where engagement, productivity and fun mingle around.

I’ve been challenged in my company to apply a project for a prize. We call it “Inovation Prize” and i thought i could design something gamification based.

Investigations + Decisions:

I started to understand what were the quality indicators that needed more improvement, even if they weren’t on my department. First i thought i was bing a little introsive ’cause i was having an opinion that weren’t related with my job. But, that made me think, and my conclusion was that the solo porpose of “Inovation Prize” was to really inovate, to improve the company, and that thought made my life easy.

Problem + Framework:

I finally choose to design a possible solution (there is many solutions to this problem!) for an indicator that was based on the personal formation of each company colaborator. In our company each person must have a 35h personal formation, and it has been one of the Human Resources department goals to achieve this objetive, but in a 650 company workers, is a challenge!

I thought that i could implement a sketched framework based on octalysis from Yu-Kai Chou gamification process. And, this choice allowed me to see, to understand and to porpose solutions based on diferent angles.

Design + prototype:

For this project i’ve tryed to give the most inputs possible for each angle, stackholder and opportunity. The amount of solutions in the beggining emulates the use of a design thinking process. The amount of solutions also allowed to show other possibilities to solve a problem making it easy to start the prototyping process…

And it’s all… the project won a 3rd place in the Inovation Prize, and it will add a lot of work and fun to this process! And maybe next year, i could tell you how it went, and what were the results!

Cya Humans,