Impact of Indian culture on South-East Asia . Introductory article | 04/02/2017

India is a land full of surprises ! Built not just of its own indigenous culture but cultures from all around the world . It’s deep , exciting and has presence almost everywhere specially in the South Eastern countries of Afghanistan , Pakistan , Nepal , Parts of China , Myanmar , Thailand , Malaysia , Indonesia , Sri Lanka. Today one can easily find lots of similarities between Indian culture and culture of any country picked from above .

So what makes Indian Culture so emphasizing and impactful ?

Well India has been a birthplace of several religions such has Hinduism , Jainism , Buddhism , Sikhism and has accepted and harbored many religions and faiths such as Islam , Christians , Zoroastrianism into itself . Every religion has its own unique culture and India has always accepted the culture with a smile ! The incoming of foreign culture in Indian shores have made Indian culture a perfect blend of varieties from all around the world . I have always been fascinated by this and to know more I will be starting a journey of diving into the past and present of Indian culture , where I will go through articles , books and will also take few rides to museums too ! Whatever I learn will be published here on Medium and will be available to everyone ! So lets start the journey of an Impactful Indian culture !

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