A quick guide to cleansing your crystals with the full moon

Photo taken by Ja’ide A’mis

Tonight, the Full moon is in Scorpio making it great for any transformative work. One great way to transmute some energy is charging your crystals with the full moon! It’s very simple.

All you need are your crystals, some sage, a window or outdoor space.

  1. Assort all your crystals somewhere they can bathe in the moonlight. Either an outdoor patio or window sill will work for anyone.

2. Lay out your crystals in a way to where all the crystals can feel the rays of the moon light.

3. Sage the space surrounding the crystals as well as the crystals and replace the negativity with love and peace.

4. Gaze at the moon and feel it’s energy. Imagine it’s light covering your body and covering your crystals. Imagine the light filling you and your crystals up.

5. Set the intention for transformative energy to fill the crystals and your body. Let go of anything that hinders that transmutation to occur.

6. Recite thanks to whatever source you believe in and end it with “Ashe”.

7. Leave the crystals in the space and allow the moonlight to saturate them. Collect them early in the morning.

Easy peasy. This is a simple, yet effective way to cleanse your crystals and fill them with transformative energy.

If you have any comments or questions, be free to contact me.

Enjoy your full moon cleansing :)