“Exercise Isn’t Just for Your Body, Child.”

A story reflected on exercising your brain for your overall being.

I’ve also loved books. Ever since I could remember, books have been in the picture. Books were magical. They created my mind, my habits, my attitude and my courage. My imagination thrived! Soon I was sneaking books into bed when my eyes were “supposedly” closed. Even as a young adult, I would become so wrapped up into that different reality that I would stay up all night just to end the magical ride. As you can see, I love books. But even as much as I loved them, I soon begin to stray away from that magic. I went through a stage of depression after a breakup and life was going left when it was predicted to go right. So when it came to books, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Real life was going on.

Soon I moved away and came back to my second home in Dallas and even then began to be too busy with life to dive back into the magic. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I would try to read a book but it never went through. One chapter here, 2 articles there and that was my reading for the week. It wasn’t until after I decided to take the road less traveled that I began to read again. And, boy.. what a joy it has been!

I said, ALL of that to say, “Reading books has exercised my brain in ways never before”.

Seriously. Reading books has helped my writing tremendously , boosting my confidence in posting more frequently. Reading more frequently has also allowed me moments to just slow down and dive into something I’m interested in without exerting nothing but mental energy.

I don’t have to talk. I don’t have to listen. I just have to sit back comfortably and allow my mind to do the work. That’s freedom.

I would like to encourage you to pick up a book today! Here are some tips on how to get the best mental exercise and relax at the same time.

  1. Choose a topic on something that really interest you.

Whether it be Pokémon, gardening, or science fiction, go for it! Make sure it is something you could become lost in time to obtain more information about it. It’s magic should draw you in

2. Find a comfortable place to read.

Okay, now it’s time to scout out your option. Think, “Where can I be for a hour or two and not get tired or achy?” Some can sit straight up comfortably while others like me like to lie on my side and dive in. Its completely up to you as long as you’re relaxed and comfortable! Also be sure it is somewhere quiet with minimum distractions.

3. Turn off that phone. Time to exercise!

Now that you’re comfortable, book at hand, it’s time to get to it. Mind Exercise! It is important that you don’t allow your phone or the outside world to hinder your exercise experience. By placing it onto Do Not Disturb, Silent or turning it off, you cut down about 90% of your distractions right there. Once you do that, Dive into the magic and enjoy!

In the words of Lil Jon,


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Yah Bless!

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