In order to LIVE, you have to DIE

After all else is said and done, what do you have left? That’s been a question I’ve faced daily for the past week. I know my flesh won’t live forever and even pieces of my spirit will fade away but when all comes to an end, what will be left of me. My soul. My energy. My original foundation.

Let’s face it. We all will die one day. Some in different ways than others. Some will die physically and take their dead soul along with them. While others will pass away physically and their soul will live forever. It’s up to us to decide whether we want to walk among the living dead and be re-born while we have the chance or allow that moment to pass us by and die forever.

I have decided to caste away as much as my physical as possible and cling on to eternity. I have decided that becoming one with Yah again and living in His world rather than the one man created through rules and religion. This is bigger than who or what you believe in. Do you not know we are living in a false world created by our own minds and perceptions? Do you not know that the spiritual realm controls and has total power over the physical? Why do you think prayer is so important. Because it links you to the spiritual realm.

I want to encourage you to seek light in this world of darkness. Be in the world but not of it. Transform your mind so that in due time you can live forever. Die so that you can live. Trust me, I know, this is the hardest challenge you will ever have to face but it will be worth it. Every day set a goal to do something that will allow you to become one with Yah again. Plant seeds of love. Give without expecting to receive. Do what is truly right and not what man says is right. Live freely and allow Yah to guide you. Pray consistently. Spread light/knowledge. Shed away things that disconnects you from your true self and the only source of light. It has been done before through Jesus and it can be done again through you. The same power that was invested in Him dwells in you. You just have to seek Him first to receive it. Do not be bound by this world my brother and sister but change it.

I love you all dearly and I am praying that your heart may be softened and that your mind may be free. Yah bless.

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