Let’s get something clear.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

You are a soul before anything else. Your mind is the most powerful thing you possess. When you leave this physical realm behind, your soul will be the only thing you take. No matter what body you possess, no matter the time period, the body holds your soul. Every religion teaches us this. Ironically, it’s what we abandon the most.

Almost every day I encounter people who speak to me about stress and childhood trauma. Most people mask these things with external forces rather than facing their demons head on. I used to do the same until I decided that suppressing my emotions was killing my soul. I was depressed, stressed and a hot ass mess.

I was angry. I was hurting. I was drinking and smoking and having sex but that didn’t fill that void. I overworked and shopped and spent time and money on things that I shouldn’t have. I was lost. I sought after religion and for a while that worked too. It wasn’t until I decided to feed my soul with true unconditional love that my soul began to heal.

Unconditional love is something we all possess. It lies within all of us. It is described to some as God or the Goddess. It is the force that binds us all together.

The quickest way I’ve found to understand this concept is to think of a mother and child. Instinctively, The mother will love her child and take care of her child no matter what the cost. She is the key example of loving unconditionally. That same type of love needs to be applied to self.

I began to take care of myself, starting with my soul. I began seeking websites and online seminars. I began meditating and releasing things externally that no longer added to my highest self. Things like relationships and habits. I, then, began to work on the things that most held me back internally. From the Daddy issues to the lack of self respect and love, I began to resolve the issues hurting my soul. I began to truly see myself for who I truly am, flaws and all. I began to go visit my inner child and telling her that she’s okay. I began to love my soul unconditionally.

2 1/2 years later and my soul feels the most free that it’s ever felt.

My passion in life is helping others truly heal. Not using suppressing methods but something that transforms the soul. My path includes creating awareness of ones soul. We abandon the most important part of ourselves. We feed it things that harm it. We ignore it completely. We have to change this. We have to become aware of our energy ties and our human powers. We have to heal.

I want to encourage you to take the necessary steps in order to heal your soul. Learn about the TRUE you. LOVE the true you. Heal the true you. Allow your true self to shine and to do what you came to this Earth to do.

Here are some mantras you can use to help initiate soul healing:

I do the things I can to protect my soul.

I do the things I can to expand my soul.

I do the things I can to heal my soul.

I do the things I can to truly love my soul.

I exhibit this love through being a good steward over my soul.

I hope this has helped someone out. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Much love and light and peace and wisdom.


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