Pat Yo’Self On The Back

If you don’t show yourself love, who else will?

People would be a lot more happy in this world if they acknowledged Self first. If we would take the time out to truly examine our Lower Selves, we would be more in-tuned with All and our Higher Self. As you become more in-tine with All, life begins to look different. You are more loving and caring making you more patient and understanding. You begin to take care of your physical body thus taking care of the nature surrounding you. You are more peaceful than ever and victory is your only option. All of this can be yours, only if you become one with your Self.

Now you may be a little lost so let me clear this up. It is just as important to take care of YOU as it is to take care of your bills, your family , your friends, etc. It is just as important to eat right and have some form of physical exercise as it is make it to work on time and to make good grades. A lot of people are sacrificing their personal well-being for what we know as “success” and it is not worth it. Global Icon, Michael Jackson sang it the best in “Man in the Mirror.” You must start with YOU. In order to begin with Self, you have to focus your energy on the positive things you like about yourself.

More times than often, we focus on the negative aspects of Self. We often beat ourselves up on the things we should’ve done and we often ponder on the things we could’ve said. We often think of how to better who we are instead of enjoying the journey. Don’t be upset if you think this way. We all were conditioned to have this state of mind. Now it’s time to switch things up and learn to just pat yo’self on the back through the good and bad times. Patting yo’self on the back simply means to do something for yourself without needing the opinion from anyone else. You are happy with the decisions you made therefore you pat yo’self on the back for them from time to time in form of celebration. Yes child, you can celebrate yourself just for being you.

Learn to reflect on the good you did today and know that the positive seed you planted overrides the negative that was done. Learn how to accept what has been done and project how it will be positive the next time around. Love yourself flaws and all and you will soon elevate higher. In the physical, treat yourself to something like a new item, a spa day or a trip for the hard work you’ve been putting in. (Groupon has deals that are amazing for spa treatments). Take care of you first and all else will fall into place.

I want to encourage you to take the time out to make a weekly appointment to satisfy you. As time progresses, it’ll soon become a daily activity.

Yah Bless.

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