Power of Believing

Your thoughts don’t form your life, your beliefs do.

As I travel along the road less traveled, my spirituality has soared tremendously. My heart has been opened and my mind has been experiencing a lot more freedom. I have been following my intuition down the rabbit hole and I have soared past the birds, past the stars , past this universe. All because I began doing one thing. Believing I could.

The past few months I’ve been encountering the current theme of , “Your thoughts shape your reality” and “You are what you think you are”. Taking these words for face value, I began to shift my focus on my thoughts and would spend aimless hours in my head just wishing for the best. I would be excited when my thoughts were pure and nervous when they were not. I started to believe that whatever I thought, was going to be in my future. Luckily, this is not true. It’s not your thoughts that shape your reality but your beliefs.

I began to sit back and decipher pivotal moments in my life and I began to seek how I remembered feeling during those moments. I began to go deeper into why I felt those things and when it all came down to it, each moment began with a belief.

I believed I was going to fail, so I did. I believed that I could, so I did. Its all about what you believe.

I want to encourage you to analyze your belief system and form your own sense of self and Truth. This is not a one time activity but a daily one until you are at complete peace with what you believe. It’s okay to shed lifetime beliefs that have been instilled into you by the people who molded your life. You are old enough to let go of all the things that no longer serve you as well as take on the things that elevates you higher. I am personally still working on this myself and most likely will continue to do so until this lifetime passes me by. I make it attempt to shape my beliefs into the life I deserve and see for myself.

Stay true to YOU and remember, you are what you believe.

Yah Bless.