Releasing with the Moon

A quick guide on how to create your own full moon releasing ceremony

All you need is paper, pen, a lighter, intention and Your Highest Self within. It’s that simple.

And of course, you need our Full Luna :)

One thing that I’ve always loved is the night’s sky. Growing up in Arkansas, the stars were always vivid and the moon always was bright. As I got older, I began to appreciate a clear night’s sky after being surrounded by lights on the east coast every night. The stars were barely visible at times but I would always be able to see the moon. It was around 2014 when I began to open up my spirituality and tried out a full moon releasing ceremony for the first time. It was in November. I was living in Washington D.C and my big sister sent me an email on how to release using the moon’s energy. So I gathered all the things on the list required (Acorn, water, glass jars, scarf, candles, pen, paper, etc), opened my bedroom window, turned off all the lights and stared at the moon. I lit the candles, completed all the steps to prepare my alter, wrote out my list of releases, and finally came to the part where it was time to burn my list away. YALL. When I say i almost burned my apartment building on fire. Babbbbbbbbbbbby. Luckily, the jar of water from my alter was there to put out the flames. After that, I vowed to take my moon releasing outside.

I began experimenting with multiple moon ceremonies that I found on different websites. Some simple, some complex. It wasn’t until I began walking barefoot and really connecting with Mother Earth that I received the moon recipe for releasing.

It’s so simple.

Like, 5 steps simple.

Like, 1 of those steps is grabbing what you need.

  1. Gather a piece of paper, a pen and a lighter. Boom. Simple.
  2. Sit in a quiet space and quiet your mind. Aka meditate. Think of all the things that you need to release right now in your life. Imagine those things as you write them in the paper. Using visualization and embracing emotions as you write. Set the intention that all these things will be released for the Highest Good for your Highest Self.
  3. Go outside in a space where you can burn your piece of paper on fire without starting a fire. I prefer burning my paper over concrete or the street. Set the piece of paper on fire. Depending on how deep this energy is rooted, you may have to relight the paper multiple times.
  4. As the paper is burning, it is important to verbally state outloud what you want to replace what you’re releasing with. For example, if you’re releasing an unhealthy relationship, state verbally that you replace this energy with healthy relationships based on unconditional love.
  5. After the paper burning has gotten to the end, recite how grateful you are for the release. Give praise to your Most High for allowing this release and replanting of positivity to occur. Thank the moon for the energy shared to assist your release. End your ceremony with the belief it is already done and a grateful heart. I like to say, “Ashe” after I finish mine.

It’s that simple.

You can complete this ritual 1 day before and a day after the full moon days. The moon’s energy will be most powerful on the days of the full moon, however.

Sometimes I get a little fancy and grab a few more things like my crystals but this basic practice alone has released so much for me.

Most people are usually surprised about how spiritually fluid I am. I have studied multiple belief systems and I have a firm belief in doing whatever my soul calls me to do while elevating spiritually. I personally have cultivated my own path and have taken parts of each religion I’ve studied and created something of my own. In this world we are taught that we have to have “either or”. When In fact, you can have all and everything!

Allow this simple yet extremely powerful ritual to open up your heart and mind through release.

Below are 2017's full moon name and dates:

January 12th- Wolf moon

February 10- Snow moon

March 12- Worm moon

April 11- Pink moon

May 10- Flower moon

June 9- Strawberry moon

July 9- Buck moon

August 7- Sturgeon moon

September 6- Corn moon

October 5- Harvest moon

November 4- Beaver moon

December 3- Cold moon

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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