The Beauty of Perspectives

Photo credit: J’mari Wyatt Photography

As a 22 year old college drop out, there’s been a few lessons in life that I’ve encountered. No matter what each may be, I’ve come to realize that my perspective on my life is my own personal truth. I’ve also come to realize that everyone else’s perspective on my life will not be the same as mine. Prime example, my family. Coming from a family of scholars , getting a degree and working a job is the answer. I , on the hand, believe that following your dreams and your soul’s true calling is key. We have two extreme different views and yet we still get along.

It wasn’t always this way. I used to feel offended by their views on how I decide to live my life and they have felt rejected that I didn’t want to live the life they imagined for me. I would try to force my opinion on them and they did the same with theirs. It took a few spits and spats for me to finally realize one thing.

We might not ever have the same perspective and that’s okay.

I began to understand their perspective by understanding their own personal truths. I began to take from what they was saying and learn to apply it to my own truth. No one is going to argue about something that they don’t feel is important. It’s the stubbornness in us all. That’s a fact. So I began to understand that this is important to them because that’s their view of success.

While it is not mine, I respect it. Not only do I respect it , I appreciate it.

Having different perspectives around you is what makes life great. It’s how you learn, how you grow , how you become … you. So embrace others and their beliefs with open arms and understanding. Place yourself in their shoes. If you still can’t understand , agree to disagree . Make the conscience effort to be better in understanding perspectives and the world around you .

Yah Bless.

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