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SMS is core to our phones since the very beginning of mobile phones. But, needless to say, the world of SMS has changed upside down since WhatsApp became the default app for all our personal communications.

But still, all the meaningful updates, notifications from businesses like banks, e-commerce sites, digital wallets, telcos etc reach us through SMS. It’s a passive app we can not ignore in spite of the fact that we get spammed even after activating DND.

Introducing SuperSMS, your partially automated and an intelligent SMS inbox:


Promotional messages are one of the major problems we face today with our SMS inboxes.


We use machine learning to solve this by automatically identifying and muting (and deleting, if you allow) the promotional messages, not the entire sender so that you don’t have to worry about blocking a sender who might some day send you a transactional message.


OTP messages are ~20% of all our transactional SMSs and this is probably the main(or only) reason we interact with our SMS app(or it’s notifications). We make this OTP experience better by enabling you to directly copy/read the OTP as shown below:

Just copy an OTP with a single tap

Priority dots:

Transactional messages, most of the times, are followed by some real-life actions. Like, if you booked a waiting train ticket, you would copy the PNR number and go to a PNR status website over and over again until your seat is confirmed. We make it seamless by automatically checking PNR status and updating you whenever there is a change.

We call these “Priority Dots”

These are mini-apps we built over SMSs by integrating open-APIs to automate every contextual action.

  1. Railway Booking: A trip homepage with an auto-PNR check and all the other things useful for you, before and during the trip.
A typical train_trip home page

2. Bank Balance: This dot helps you quickly look at your account balances and transactions.

3. And much more: We create a new dot every time you book a movie, a flight, a bus or even when you order something from Amazon. And yes, we do a few tricks on top of these dots to make things easy for you like reminding you about doing web-check-in for your upcoming flight, your delayed train, and your bills.

While this might seem like a ton of things, we make sure it doesn’t feel that way in the app. You see a thing only when you need it. Everything has a context.

I know we use our SMS apps rarely but we aspire to make all these rare events seamless and maybe someday we can help you do even more.

We will be launching it in beta in next two-three days, and we would love it if you could be part our beta. Please apply here(just with your email-id): Super SMS Beta Invites.

Team SuperSMS

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