Cabo San Lucas in numbers!

I interrupt my Argentina series to bring you this review of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico since I just visited with my whole family and I mean my whole family in that eastern style that I sometimes find confounding my friends not born into a family culture. Well anyways this is about Cabo so lets gone with it.

If your not to familiar with Cabo it is broken into 2 parts. One side is Cabo San Lucas and the other is San Jose Del Cabo and this is where out hotel was. If you went on a straight line from the airport San Jose comes first and then Cabo San Lucas. San Jose is the quieter family friendly side from my experience. Cabo San Lucas has all the crazy bars, strip clubs, seedy back alleys, and parties your young or young at heart self desires. Randomly a college friend of mine was also in Cabo, shoutout to Facebook for notifying me, and we met up at one called Bar Nowhere on the marina in Cabo to enjoy a few cocktails. Great central spot for insanely loud music, outside patios, pretty people, and solid drinks. Clean bathrooms too. Well the guys one at least, not that it matters to me but I know the female readers are thinking it. Your welcome.

Here is what I think of Cabo in general. Its a great spot if you know why you are going there. Its an invented or man made if you will beach vacation spot. Don’t get me wrong, its has some beautiful visuals and the people like most tourist destinations in Mexico are amazing. That being said to me it feels forced. It is like Cancun part 2 or Cancun is like Cabo part 1. It is beach views, all inclusive and timeshare resorts, great Mexican food, a youngish spring break vibe depending on the area you are in, and an economy that seems dependent entirely on tourism. I actually have no idea if it is or not but it seems like that and perception is reality in this case to me.

My last statement is a catch 22 in my mind. If thats what you are looking for then Cabo is perfect. To elaborate if you want to go to a resort, maybe leave the resort occasionally, maybe not, sit at a pretty beach, drink margaritas and eat Guacamole then your all set! I see nothing wrong with this type of vacation and have frequently enjoyed it myself but that being said you could pick a location out of a hat and create the exact same feeling in my mind. I did see one exception. Cabo apparently has world class deep sea fishing. I am least interested in this type of activity because it seems like watching paint dry on the ocean but if thats your thing(since I am not one to knock anyone’s interests. Whatever floats your boat), I am told it is amazing out there.

Before you start thinking I am a negative person I did exactly as I described above on our family vacation and thoroughly enjoyed the time with my wife and son, parents, siblings, and nephews. We stayed at my Parents Timeshare. It’s a resort called Cabo Azul from a company called Diamond Resorts. I can’t say enough about the resort. It was uhhhmazzing. Pools were everywhere in every temperature, activities for the little ones, and good resort priced drinks. There is something to be said about watching my son never get tired of the pools and more so not having to follow a schedule of any sorts. As my family will attest too I usually have a loose schedule in mind with what I like to do and drive everyone nuts trying to go go go. I have to admit not really having to much to do is pretty great on occasion. This is where the resort comes in. It has a couple restaurants that served up solid food. They of course have the timeshare presentations which if you attend can definitely save you a buck or two unless you end up buying which in case maybe not. It is definitely a high pressure sales pitch which makes me nervous because that is usually a bad thing but at least in this case the product lives up to the hype. I’ve never been to any of their other hotels so I can connect you with my parents if you want to know more about the company! Anyway from what I saw you can also book the hotel through other 3rd party sites because they probably sell unused or open spots in case you want to try it out. Service was a little spotty but beyond that I really thought it was an exceptional hotel in every way with a lot of attention to detail. Right across the street is a bunch of cheap massage places that seemed really good. I did not make it to one but the online reviews looked good.

The activities we did outside of the resort included snorkeling and eating. Snorkeling was pretty good. When you go to certain places you do certain things. If your one of those people who thinks they will visit Paris and skip the Eiffel Tower or not walk through Times Square in New York the first time they visit you are either fooling yourself or are really focused on not being a tourist. Just remember though, your unique, just like everybody else :) So anyways, back to the arch. The TripAdvisor reviews will make you think its pretty amazing and it is a very cool rock formation. Unfortunately for me my love of rock formations is what I like to consider a passing phase in that my interest in the arch passed as soon as I saw it for a few seconds. The water was rough so we did not pull up on the boat near the beach, Lovers Beach but that looked cool. The snorkeling was fund as snorkeling goes. It is always a blast to see schools of fish and fish that like tortillas are even more amusing! Once we got back from the snorkeling we went to eat at the Office located on Medano Beach. Medano Beach is the tourist spot. The center of the action so thats where you go. The Office has been around forever and has great food at some reasonable prices. I will say my first experience a few years was better than this one though this was still pretty up there. I only mention it because it worries me that it did not live up to the first time. I hope they are not slipping. Never let me slip, ’cause if I slip then I’m slippin’ as Dr. Dre said. I don’t have the faintest idea what that actually means but I have rapped along to the line enough that it popped into my head when thinking about my experience. I could sum it up in that if I did yelp reviews I would have gone from 5 to 4 which is still fantastic and I would definitely go back because if it’s 5 stars your a little distrustful of it anyway. The Office is right on the sand so my nephews only came out out of playing in the water to eat so in that way the location is amazing. One piece of advice that I need to do my own homework on. When we got off our original boat we asked around how to go to the big mall at the Marina and we were told it was a far walk. I also asked other tourists and they seem to concur but I ended up spending 50 dollars to go across the bay. I feel like I missed something but have not looked into if I just got taken but have a mental note to do so before I go back next time.

Yes there will be a next time and it will be when I again feel like sitting at a pool bar for a few days and relaxing!!

The boat company we used. They had a medium size boat that was not to overcrowded and the crew was fun. Its a slow boat and very kid friendly. We also had drinks included and lunch which were both passable in quality. From what I can tell prices vary like crazy because of all the timeshare subsidization that goes on so the prices you could pay for the same thing are wildly different. Look around but the company is solid.

Solid grilled fish!

Awesome resort, not so awesome website. Definitely leaves how nice it is in the table. They’ll probably change it eventually so when your impressed by the site then you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing this review is dated.

Apparently there is a ladies night. Things you could have been brought to my attention yesterday!!! (Guess the movie)

A few closing notes. I did not go to old town San Jose Del Cabo this time but I did the first and I enjoyed it. If your on that side give some time to that area. I took the bus from the El Comer in San Jose to Cabo at night and it was ok by me. On the way back it is a walk from that mega store to Cab so thats a bit of a bummer. The bus is super cheap compared to taxis but it comes down to the individual and the level of convenience value they want. The bus is definitely doable though was my main point.

Tecate Light, Havana Club(maybe now you can get it in the States since that whole Cuba thing but I used to love drinking it when in Mexico because its really good and of course had the novelty factor in the past.

Safe travels and enjoy Cabo!! Salud!

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