Pachi Su?

I’m today experiencing a space of beingness that I’ve never felt before. An enormous space so infinite that it makes everything I’ve considered for a long time as me transient. My head throbs from the expression of this space that I can hear so distinctly in my quiet. I can’t define it as it’s so dynamic its almost uncontainable, but I’d like to share a few vivid glimpses, which of course I’m seeing in Technicolor.

Jumping for glee out of a mist, across mountains, weather, landscapes and seas seamlessly. A demand to experience the whole world and everything in it and move to the next experience with the curiosity filled eyes of a boy who’s seeing a new play thing for the first time, just asking what’s next?

One of my many million inquiries is what can get created from this abundance? After everything around me that I’ve held so sacred for so long has melted in a flash, and I know algorithms for living have never existed for me, just my justification to people who didn’t have the same belief which eventually became solid in itself.

In this moment I want to jump, fly, do a headstand, travel, be, eat, see, breathe, expand even more and I’m not close to done. So I’m toodling off to ponder on what about everything that exists on this planet is so real that we’re subject to it? What about it is so vital / life threatening that we can just go back to the source and change it? What about any of this holds true for me, and if it doesn’t then what else am I going to do, be, experience, visit & explore today? I end here by continually asking myself while I type if I’m defining this experience, or am I just drunk on experiencing it like I’ve never done before.

So, what’s next?

(The title means ‘what next’ in Gujarati (an Indian language) and I thank my yoga inspiration Neerav for introducing me to the rather succint complex of ‘Pachi Su’)