Cylinder Liners

A cylinder liner is critical part of any ignition engine. If your cylinder liners become damaged you most certainly need to have them fixed or you’ll get stuck without a working marine diesel engine and be left a-drift at sea if your not carefully!

Cylinder Liner / Cylinder Sleeve

These Cylinder liners are a ‘cylindrical component’, which is fitted into an engine block to form a cylinder. These cylinders are one of, if not the most important and functional part which makes-up the inner workings of a marine diesel engine — (Cylinder liners some times refered to as a “Cylinder sleeve”).

Cylinder Liners

Jaidarshan Indocraft Pvt. Ltd. can fix cylinder liners on ANY kind of marine diesel engine. With our custom made machining tools specifically designed for cylinder liner your problem is no-problem for Jaidarshan Indocraft. Our speciality service means you can relax with peace of mind as we take care of every aspect of from emergeny recovery of your marine vessle, to on-site rebuild of your cylinder liner. If major works are required where it is not possible to rebuild on-site we will arrange transport of your vessle to a nearby facility where these works can be carried out and ensure your back on course as soon as possible.

Cylinder liners are also known as sleeves by many in the industry. A cylinder liner is basically a hollow shell that works as an enclosure during combustion of an engine. Although, cylinder liners are hollow but they are very robust in nature to withstand the huge fluid pressure in a successful manner. The temperature difference between the inner and outer temperature of these cylinder liners vary greatly and this result in a great thermal stress that eventually these have to bear. There are now many Indian auto part exporters that are now exporting these liners also in the overseas market.

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