>> In your introduction you say, “The idea is sound.”
David A Hill Jr


Thank you for your thoughtful response. I agree that good intentions, and even good ideas, do not automatically imply good followthrough and/or good execution. Totally fair point. (That said, bad ideas tend to be doomed from the start, so at least there is promise here.)

I am not an avid TYT watcher, and I am even less familiar with Kyle Kulinski (in fact, I had never heard of him before yesterday), so I cannot speak to every past action or endorsement or statement of any of these individuals. But I did listen to Kulinski’s lengthy articulation of the JD platform and was very impressed. I may not agree with him on everything, nor approve of every guest he has ever had on his show, but the vision he articulates is a powerful one. And he and the TYT people and the former Bernie people are simply calling for people, regular people that care about reform like you and me, to unify behind this very progressive platform and then work together to make it a reality.

I looked into the Democratic Socialists of America and they look like a great organization, but per their own website: “We are a political and activist organization, not a party; through campus and community-based chapters DSA members use a variety of tactics, from legislative to direct action, to fight for reforms that empower working people.”

I see no conflict between this new proposal and what the DSA stands for. If anything, the work is complementary. The JD plan is to take back the Democratic Party, which is bold and audacious and needed.

The whole idea is to field and support candidates who will fight for the causes articulated in the platform but who refuse to take corporate donations. Will that guarantee perfection? Obviously not. I have my own concerns about implementation, too. My biggest concern is that ideological agreement and enthusiasm does not automatically = competency. Bernie Sanders is is not just extremely liberal and an honorable person. He is also ridiculously competent, highly intelligent, and as experienced in politics as a person could be. Running well meaning like minded people will not be enough.

But even with these concerns, as well as others, you have to admit it’s a good start. This is not about trusting TYT to make the right decisions for us. This is about building a grassroots movement. This is about keeping alive the momentum that Bernie worked so hard to generate. This is about creating a channel for people to translate protest into policy.

I can’t say where this will lead or how it will turn out. No one can. It has just begun. It’s only hours old! But the best way I can see to help shape the outcome is to get involved and help further clarify the vision. Regardless of whether I agree with everything TYT has done or said before. This is bigger than TYT. Cenk is just using his platform, which he has spent years building, to promote it and to help get the word out. That seems genuinely helpful to me.



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