Open Letter to “Justice Democrats”
David A Hill Jr

Dear David,

I think it’s good to do due diligence research, get serious questions answered, and have legitimate concerns addressed whenever considering getting involved with a new political organization. And perhaps someone from the Justice Democrats will, in fact, respond to you directly. But in case not (or until they do), here are a few thoughts, coming from someone who just learned about this new idea yesterday.

First, you seem to be of two minds here. In your introduction you say, “The idea is sound.” But then almost immediately write, “I don’t see your movement as actually helping. If anything, from where I stand, your movement is liable to aid the establishment.” Why would a “sound idea”, especially one designed to nominate “progressive outsiders” and “shift the Democrats toward progressivism”, end up aiding the establishment? Your level of skepticism seems unwarranted here.

You also ask, “Why should I work with you?” But you then immediately seem to answer your own question: “I like what you stand for. I want what you want.” Aren’t those two great reasons to join forces?

As for Elizabeth Warren, I think you would agree that even though her endorsement of Hillary was disappointing (and this Ben Carson thing is just depressing), on whole Warren has been an advocate for and a champion of the people. Her mistakes have been errors in judgment, not ethical lapses. She may not be perfect but she is no corpratist.

Further, as you note, TYT began supporting Warren “long before she made a name for herself.” Before she endorsed Hillary. And long before supporting Ben Carson for HUD. From everything I have seen, the reporters at TYT call out even their favorite people when they make a bad move and, conversely, applaud opponents when they do some good. In short, they stand on principle.

Regarding their endorsement of Hillary after Bernie dropped out, they just happened to address this on their show today. They talked about how much the Hillary campaign hated them for holding her feet to the fire during the primary. They said it was harder to get press passes from them than it was to get press passes from the Trump people. They did not eagerly endorse her. They did so reluctantly, because they were legitimately worried about a Trump victory and wanted to help avoid that outcome, if possible.

Lots of people have issues with TYT and with Cenk Uygur. But this isn’t just him or even just them. This is bigger than them. They are very much involved and just happen to have a big audience already built up, which is great. But this is also people from the Bernie campaign. And other progressives, like Kyle Kulinski, who actually had a big hand in coming up with the platform. Here he is talking about it:

If this leaves you still questioning whether or not to get involved, well so be it. But if that’s the case, I would just ask you to please let me know what better idea you have or have seen out there. Because right now, I think this “sound idea” is truly our best shot.


Jai Flicker

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