Cydia Download Tutorial

Cydia is a household name, one known by millions of people the world over. It is the jailbreak app store, the place we go to when we want to download tweaks to modify our iOS devices, provide features that are missing from the stock apps, new functionality, a choice of themes, ringtones, games emulators and much, much more. It is more popular than the iOS app store because of what you can get, because it lets us break through the security chains that Apple has in place around the iOS. Installing Cydia app - is really quite simple and we’re going to show you how to do it.

How to Download Cydia :

You can Download Cydia — in three ways, although not all of these methods will work for everyone. Start at the top and work your way through each method:

Method 1: Safari Browser (Easy)

  1. Launch Safari browser on your iOS device
  2. From the address bar, go to
  3. Our mobile web page will open; when it is fully loaded, look for the UP arrow and tap it (bottom center or top right of your device)
  4. This will launch a new screen and you will see options at the bottom — tap Add to Home Screen
  5. Now type Cydiainto the provided box to rename the app icon
  6. Tap Addand close Safari, the new Cydia icon is on your home screen

Video: Watch to see these steps

Method 2: Configuration Profile (Advanced)

You must follow these steps exactly as written otherwise Cydia will not be installed

  1. Open Safari on your iOS device and go to this link
  2. Read the Cydia information page and then tap on Directly Install– this lets the profile download to your device
  3. When your Settings app has opened, tap on Install Profileand type in your passcode
  4. Safari will open, tap on Install Cydiaand then Installon the confirmation message
  5. Settings opens once more, tap Install > Next > Done
  6. When the installation has finished, you can tap the Cydia icon on your home screen to start using it

If you don’t see the icon or it doesn’t work, you will need to repeat the step because the installation has not been successful

Method 3: Yalu Jailbreak (Expert)

Yalu jailbreak is one of the few updates to Cydia that we have seen recently but it wont work for everyone. Before we talk about downloading it, here’s what you need to know:

  • Yalu will only work on the iPhone, up to the iPhone X
  • Yalu is semi untethered , you will need to keep reactivating it when you reboot your device
  • You will require your Apple ID to use Cydia on your device because you can only install it using Cydia Impactor

If you are able to use Yalu, you can follow the link below to install it , a full tutorial is provided.

How to Stop Cydia Crashing

Because Cydia is a jailbreak and we all know that Apple doesn’t like them, they will revoke the app certificate inside of a few days. This stops Cydia working and you will need to start over. By installing Anti Revoke, you can stop this happening; a small VPN tool, from NessVPN protects the certificates. Click the link to find out how and get a download guide.

Cydia Alternatives :

If you are unable to install Cydia right now, there are a few alternatives that will provide you with some of what you are missing. Try one of these third-party app installers, neither requiring Cydia to work:

  • vShare

vShare is a well-known name in the jailbreak world as it was once only available through Cydia. Now we can all download it and get access to a handful of tweaks, modified apps, such as Pokémon Go++, Instagram++ and Spotify++, along with loads of paid apps for free. Click the link for a full download guide and more information about vShare.

  • Tutu App

Another alternative that is proving popular, Tutu App is full of apps and games, along with a few Cydia tweaks, loads of premium app store apps for free and the top-rated modified ++ apps. Clicking the link will give you all the details and a TutuApp download guide.

Let us know how you get on downloading Cydia and follow us on Facebook for more updates.