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With the lack of jailbreaks about right now, several app installers have been released to try to give us some of what we can no longer get from Cydia. It would appear that, after many years of threatening to do so, Apple has finally succeeded in killing off jailbreaking. To be fair, once iOS 10 was released, we were told by a couple of developers that things would be difficult, and they weren’t wrong. So, these app installers all work without relying on the jailbreak and there are plenty to choose from , TutuApp, AppValley and TweakBox just to name a few. However, a new one has been released, offering a bit more than many of the others, and it’s called Emus4U — https://emus4udownload.org.

What is Emus4U ?

Emus4U is another third-party app installer but, rather than just offering modified apps, this one provides us with a feature that most of us miss from Cydia , games emulators. These are the only way we have to play console games on our iOS devices and being able to use them outside of a jailbreak is a huge bonus. Some of the other features that Emus4U offers are:

Emus4U Features :

  • Easy to download and use
  • Supports all iOS devices on all iOS versions
  • No need to jailbreak
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers a choice of emulators
  • Offers plenty of paid apps for free
  • Access to modified ++ apps, like Snapchat++, Spotify++ and Pokémon Go++
  • Lots of other content
  • Updated regularly with new content and improvements

That isn’t all you get with Emus4U. The updates are as a result of requests from users all over the world, so all the latest apps and games are there. Emus 4U also provides you with a screen recorder, an easy way of cleaning junk and temporary files off your device and a few themes so that you can change how Emus4U looks. Lastly, the developers have sorted the content into categories, making life much easier for you.

Compatible Devices :

Emus4U works on these devices on all iOS versions:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air
  • iPod Touch

How to Download Emus4U :

Although this is an unofficial app installer and isn’t available in the app store, downloading it is very simple. To help you, we’ve drawn up a guide that you can follow, along with details on how to delete Emus4U if you need to.

The more Apple updates the iOS and the longer we go without a jailbreak, the less likely it is that the situation will change. What jailbreaks have been released have been semi-untethered, kind of like a step back to the early days of jailbreaking, and they only work on certain iOS devices. For the majority of the community, the third-party installers are our only option if we want any extra features and content on our devices. The beauty of not needing a jailbreak for installers like Emus4U to work is that anyone can use them.

Give Emus4U a try and tell us what you think of it; is it a good solution for now? For more update,s you can follow us on Facebook.

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