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A firefighter trying to get to a burning house on time hinges on the data system they are pulling from. A parent relies on teacher’s data to understand their child’s progress. Netflix looks at data to predict audiences for their next cringe-worthy holiday special.

Data is any distinct information and is everywhere from Facebook to a local football game. Everyone lives in the data structures that underpin society. The design of the data structures, whether intentional or not, always impacts people.

The people who live within the data structures and the decisions we make with data matter. Coherent products or services take into consideration people’s relationship to the data they use. …

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More than $500 billion dollars each year is put out in contracts by the government. However, when a small business wants to engage in providing a service to the government there is one massive thing standing in the way; understanding how to actually reply to the requests that the government sends out.

These keys — the requirements — are hidden in a sea of paperwork that ultimately ends up keeping out everyone who isn’t on the inside.

One contractor in this space noted,


This last weekend I competed in a HackFest put on by Eastern Foundry and General Assembly with a goal to improve the contract review process. Eastern Foundry is a small business workplace with a mission to help members succeed in the federal market. …

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Last week I went out of town to celebrate some good friends getting married. As I was frantically packing on Friday morning, it crossed my mind that with the little time I do have, taking this trip might not have been the best move for my design career. I know there is so much I can always be doing to learn and grow and in some ways it felt like a distraction from that.

Along the way I discovered that it is difficult to be sidetracked from design thinking and everything is opportunity for growth as a designer with the right mentality. …


Jaime Goff

User Experience Designer | jgdesign.me

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