Below I’m putting some stuff I did to get going into

Stage 0: Preparation

Leetcode and Grokking for understanding high level system design

Best guide for how to tackle leetcode questions:

Grokking for system design:

Can start doing applying/interviewing with C tier companies and startups you don’t care about at about 100 questions.

Stage 1 Preparing Resume:
Tons of resources online, get peer feedback and get as much feedback to make your resume god tier. THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT IF YOU CAN’T GET REFERRALS.

Stage 2 Interview Bronze Tier:

2–3 interviews with startups, small companies and companies you…

The perspective of the foreign immigrant to any US born individual is fraught with pain and happiness. This blog will have a specific view point from someone who was brought at a young age. To some extent it will be about my own story, my own past. For you, the reader, my goal is to inform you of the growing pains when immigrating. It’s not all roses and sunshine. Although, it will end on a happy note.


Everyday you wake up knowing that there is a chance this might be the last day you live in the United States. Deportation…

Things move fast out here in the Bay, and I’ve gotten caught up in the moments. After college it’s an undefined race towards success. Everyone’s trying to become the next Linus, Steve Jobs, or Wozniak. It’s ruthless.

For now, I just make sure to breathe.

Currently I’m learning at clockwork speed various design concepts. Some of these components include generic software engineer tools (sequence diagram) to architecture from mainly a back end engineering focus. I’ve realized I know very little compared to what I wish I knew. From serialization, to design principles, sharding, microservices with RPCs or Pub/Sub (that’s a…

Today I will tell the story of why I came to the chaotic land that is Silicon Valley. Why would someone move to a place with great stress and insane costs of living, and an impossible housing market to get into? It’s hard to find a date, it’s even harder to find a homeowner that accepts loans as most prefer cash.
It was a weekday and I tweeted out to an organizer to get invited to a hackathon event that was held in the computer history museum. I had to go as it was in this far out location known as…

There is a lot to say in life, and in those words, I will state the following:

I say I lie in this world of bottomless lies. Work winds us like a clock and as it ticks we move forward on the endless circuit of life. Like an electron serving it mindlessly follows the path that’s been laid out on the board.

I don’t have much to update, besides saying I’ve worked a lot and am looking for more as my first little startup failed already. Things move fast here, people build/shape/create quickly. Also coming here is generally ill-advised as…

Gotta keep these short as now I’m getting busier and busier with work, events and online classes.

Basically, last weekend I attended a presentation by the Igniter club, which ended up getting me introduced to a new book author Rand Fishkin who wrote “Lost and Founder”. His presentation incorporated the main elements of his book, with details of his struggles through the abyss of the startup world and his methodologies for managing chaos, including his stress management on defaulting loans. The strongest engineering point he made was don’t throw trash products out or else your company will be forever plagued…

So I recently attended various different meet-ups including a deep neural network workshop as well as a meet-up focused on start-up pitches and networking session and will mainly talk about them below.

Upon my first impression of the start-up pitch, I thought it would be a hostile environment in terms of people attempting to milk and steal ideas from each other. However, it turned out to be the exact opposite, and instead, everyone there was extremely welcoming to new ideas. It was as if everyone was allowed to dream again, something only limited to your childhood. Throughout the evening we…

The goal of this blog will be to discuss about my experiences in this strange new tech center. It’s the heart of tech business in America, with numerous amounts of year vehicles since the dream of ever being able to afford a home are non-existent.

Unfortunately, the high costs of living have caused numerous amounts of families who live in the area to move out farther from the city or leave completely. The American dream of owning a home is nearly impossible for them as the high home costs are difficult to reach since the combined rent costs and living…

I can’t believe we only have two weeks.

First things we instantly learned startup life is fucking hard, even in an incubator and with all the mentorship provided to us.

Few things with early/new employees:

  • Can’t bullshit results and experience or else time (deadlines) will kill you.
  • Must be transparent, since people around you will need to trust you more than your long life partner.

Communication is KEY in the beginning.

Need to be lean and dynamic at the start or else pressure and mistakes tumble out of control. …

Hi everyone, it’s nice to get to use this platform.

I post to write about my current progress in life. Currently, I’m procrastinating learning about the various different concepts of operating systems. It’s a neat topic in school with numerous applications in the computing world.

It’s basically the starting point of how an individual provides inputs and lets the OS do the rest of the work by running commands that make the machine portions work. For example, here I’m typing. The computer wouldn’t know what to do with these specific inputs, unless we had a medium in between that translated…

James Orellana

Bolivian American making strides toward greatness.

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