Below I’m putting some stuff I did to get going into

Stage 0: Preparation

Leetcode and Grokking for understanding high level system design

Best guide for how to tackle leetcode questions:

Grokking for system design:

Can start doing applying/interviewing with C tier companies and startups you don’t care about at about 100 questions.

Stage 1 Preparing Resume:
Tons of resources online, get peer feedback and get as much feedback to make your resume god tier. THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT IF YOU CAN’T GET REFERRALS.

Stage 2 Interview Bronze Tier:

2–3 interviews with startups, small companies and companies you don’t care about. …

The perspective of the foreign immigrant to any US born individual is fraught with pain and happiness. This blog will have a specific view point from someone who was brought at a young age. To some extent it will be about my own story, my own past. For you, the reader, my goal is to inform you of the growing pains when immigrating. It’s not all roses and sunshine. Although, it will end on a happy note.


Everyday you wake up knowing that there is a chance this might be the last day you live in the United States. Deportation is not a laughing matter, rather a fear mongering ideal that scares your thoughts and perspectives. This lives internally with migrant families. As a child, you realize the limitation. While all of your peers dream of going to college or maybe being a fireman/soldier/policeman you know that you are barred from that. More than likely you’ll have to work construction using some falsified documents. Even if you get the best grades the government ignores you for a large portion of scholarships would be from helping you. …

Things move fast out here in the Bay, and I’ve gotten caught up in the moments. After college it’s an undefined race towards success. Everyone’s trying to become the next Linus, Steve Jobs, or Wozniak. It’s ruthless.

For now, I just make sure to breathe.

Currently I’m learning at clockwork speed various design concepts. Some of these components include generic software engineer tools (sequence diagram) to architecture from mainly a back end engineering focus. I’ve realized I know very little compared to what I wish I knew. From serialization, to design principles, sharding, microservices with RPCs or Pub/Sub (that’s a thing), and much more. Databases is another big tool that we heavily under look, and when scaling to millions of users its nearly impossible to do so, and/or super-expensive if you let Amazon make the decisions for you (ahem, Aurora).

I’ll get back to studying, see you next month :)!


James Orellana

Bolivian American making strides toward greatness.

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