We’re All Living in a Video Game
Berny Belvedere

I have several issues with this text but here’s the easiest point to make:

Yet here’s another huge assumption Musk has to build in: Musk has to believe human beings will arrive at a point where consciousness — full-version consciousness, not a cheap imitation — can be replicated within a simulation.”

How do you know we’re *not* a cheap imitation? What we feel as a wonderful whirlwind of emotions and consciousness could be the low-res settings of a future computer from an alternate reality. Perhaps that civilization has one massive interconnected consciousness or permanent synesthesia or they have 7 senses.

What you call “full-version consciousness” could actually be “cellphone app consciousness” to the advanced multidimensional civilization that enjoys seeing us live and eat and sleep and mate and die, as we do with videogames and the Discovery Channel.

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