I’m Taking The Goldfish
Alicia Malone

Ok i’m gonna be totally honest here. I just got my first smartphone a little over a half year ago. Before that i only used social media on my laptop because i never needed a smartphone until then. Now that i have one i’m also totally addicted to it. But thats also because if i dont use social media and deleted all of it, i would become very lonely. Because of my autism. I have a hard time talking to people face to face. Because of that i dont have many friends and the people i do call my friends are also people that love visiting clubs and doing other social stuff. Things that make me feel uncomfortable. I don’t like big crowds and all that. And the stuff they talk about is something i cant talk about. Cause they talk about how exciting there life is, relationships etc but my life isnt that exciting. Its quite boring actually but thats the way i like it. The only thing i can talk about, is movies and games. That makes me happy. And thats why social media is so important for me. Because its the only platform for me i can be social on and people dont notice my autism. Its the platform i can nerd out with people that love what i love. And thats why i cant live without it. And why i’m happy it exist and why i cant leave it behind.

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