Is Life Absurd Without God?
Andrés Ruiz

The thing with “God” and “Life” is that it’s a reality that by far transcends the limits of mind and reason. I would go little bit further than the original claim discussed in this article about life being absurd without God, and propose that there is no kind of life without God. Why? First we have to ask ourselves, what God actually is? And we’re not talking about a bearded man sitting on a heavenly throne, or any other kind of “supernatural” supreme being. We’re trying to point at ‘THAT’ which is the very source of everything that is… And following that same line of thought we would arrive at the understanding that the source is not different, nor separate from, everything else in existence (which, again, is the source itself manifested in many different forms), then we can conclude that God is everything that is, and everything is God. So, how could there be life (or any other form of manifestation) without God, if God itself is the only “thing” that is?

But the again, even all I’ve just said is just pure mind-blabbering without the real experience of it (Transcendental Truth) which by far exceeds all that words and fancy-intellectual-concepts can only (poorly) attempt to portray.

If we really mean to come across this unavoidable “TRUTH” which we call “God” I feel that we must give up on the limited ways of the mind and start listening to the boundless wisdom of our heart’s… Then we begin to approach life (and everything on it) in a totally different manner, a manner in which the reality of “God” becomes more evident by each minute that goes by, naturally and without effort.

God is Love, God is everything that there is and ever will be. Everything is Love and God is Love that reveals itself, to itself, in the sacred space of the Heart. You are THAT — I am THAT — We are THAT…

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