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Image by Author — Thunder Bay, Canada

This article will discuss and analyze the importance of k-fold cross-validation for model prediction in machine learning using the least-squares algorithm for Empirical Risk Minimization (ERM).

We’ll use a polynomial curve-fitting problem to predict the best polynomial for the sample dataset. …

Image by Author — Thunder Bay, Canada

This article will introduce key concepts about Regularized Loss Minimization (RLM) and Empirical Risk Minimization (ERM), and it’ll walk you through the implementation of the least-squares algorithm using MATLAB. The models obtained using RLM and ERM will then be compared and discussed against each other.

We’ll use a polynomial curve-fitting…

Photo by Jaime Dantas — Fortaleza — Brazil

In this post, I’ll describe step-by-step how I built an entire distributed solution using only AWS and Azure free tier products. The services I created were scattered throughout both these cloud providers, and they are up and running in production mode 24/7 at this moment. These services were coded in…

DC Control Device

A few years ago, I’ve created a reliable and low-cost SNMP device to monitor and control a data center environment, and on this post, I’ll walk you through the entire design process I went through, as well as all features this network equipment is capable of. …

Photo by Jaime Dantas- Agulhas Negras — Brazil

Nowadays, cloud solutions are gaining popularity day after day among giant companies that once relied on on-premise infrastructures and high-performance computer architectures, also known as mainframe-based systems. This trend was first boosted by big tech companies, especially the ones defined as FAAMG companies. …

Image by Author — Toronto, Canada

User privacy is a rising concern in the nowadays data-driven world. we’ll investigate the impacts of the use of anonymization techniques on public medical-related datasets where some private information of patients is present which could allow re-identification attacks.

We will evaluate a feed-forward neural network using local differential privacy with…

Image by Author

You’re probably asking yourself, what a heck is Micronaut? Why not Spring Boot? If so, this is the post for you. You’re not alone! This is because these questions are often asked by many Spring programmers when first introduced to Micronaut.

With that in mind, I wrote this post to…

How to choose the best regularization parameter when implementing SGD for SoftSVM

Image by Author — Agulhas Negras, Brazil

This is a quick tutorial on how to implement the Stochastic Gradient Descent (SGD) optimization method for SoftSVM on MATLAB to find a linear classifier with minimal empirical loss.

We’ll see how to tune our algorithm with different regularizers by analyzing the binary and hinge loss.


We will use a…

Image by Author — Canoa Quebrada, Brazil

This post will dive deep into the concepts and theory behind hinge loss, logistic loss and binary loss for classification in machine learning. We’ll implement the perceptron algorithm on MATLAB, and see how we can select the best classifier based on the surrogate loss functions.

By the end of this…

Back in 2012, I and a couple of colleagues built a water-powered rocket for the final project in the fluid mechanics course of the Computer Engineering program at UFRN. This rocket was made of recycled PET bottles and some other easy-to-find materials like duct tape and garbage bags. Since this…

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