1. Voice:

Headings move, largest heading at top of page- new promotion

Very large text/eye-catching; prompts user to click on headings

Actual subway title fairly small

Very excited- lots of all caps and exclamation points

2. Audience:

Anyone interested in the food

People who have means to pay online for an order

Smartphone users (app)

Apply to own- franchise opportunities

3. Visual Style Elements:

Everything sticks to the green theme

White backdrop-easy on eyes

Not as ‘modern’ looking as McDonalds/Chickfila

Boxes that prompt users to click are all similar in size and rectangles

Visually appealing pictures of products (particularly sandwiches obviously)

4. Ease of Use and Navigability:

Large headings/boxes

Difficult to focus on one thing at a time

Bar at top to navigate the site

Prompts to order online in a few places

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