I am completely on board for something for writer’s block!
Kat Nix

I’m an independent mom of two girls (ages 11 and 7), I also work a full time job and I was able to make time for NaNoWriMo in 2015. I journaled my experience each day, which took a little extra time, but it was such an incredible experience! My key “trick” was waking up 1 hour earlier each day. It was hard, but I wanted it badly enough that each morning when my alarm went off, I was *mostly* excited to get out of bed. There were rough days, days I traveled for work, days where NOTHING came to my brain… but every day I sat there and typed my words, even if it was stream of consciousness just to get the juices flowing, it took me to new, deep, thoughtful places. I created *something*. I grew from the experience. It was AWESOME!