“There are moments when you can’t believe something wonderful is happening. And there are moments when your entire consciousness is filled with knowing absolutely that something wonderful is happening.”
- Rainbow Rowell, Attachments

Lincoln O’Neil hates his job, he spends nights searching and reading emails aka internet security officer.
He feels like his job is as big as a joke as best friends Jennifer and Beth who know that someone is reading their emails but unlike most of the newsroom they don’t take it seriously. Lincoln knows that he should report them but he just cant seem to bring himself to do it especially after he finds himself falling in love with Jen.
That is the foundation of Rainbows Rowell cute and adorable novel, Attachments
A story that confronts a meet-cute in a different way.
Attachments is told in two perspectives. Jen and Beth through emails and Lincoln through third person.
This book is absolute charmer, when first introduced to Lincoln seems like an average guy who lives with his home, and then rainbow throws us for a loop. Lincoln is a actually a nerdy cute guy with multiple college degree’s living with his cute yet overbearing mother after returning home from finally finishing school, he is still hung up on his ex girlfriend (who has been his ex for over 9 years), Rowell completes Lincolns life with a peter pan syndrome close friend and a sassy opinionated sister who thinks Lincoln needs to grow up. Then comes Jen, an unhappy movie reviewer for a newspaper, her boyfriend of 8 years is a complete joke (he also suffers from the peter pan syndrome) and her married best friend Beth (who is a copy writer)is scared of having children with her husband, who we learn adores her and wants to have children with her. Bring these all these characters together and we have another hit from Rainbow Rowell.
The novel is set in 1999 around the time when everyone is freaking out about Y2K, and the introduction of the internet. Rainbow proves to readers once again how she can being her uncanny ability to develop characters who are compelling, likable, subtle and genuinely human making us fall in love with them over and over again.
I really enjoy how the quirkiness of the Lincoln being the main character. Leave up to rainbow to cast a male lead in a chick-lit and still take our hearts.
Attachments is a light and fluffy read that you need to pick up today and get lost… you’re welcome ;)