Huobi’s Security Now Second to None, After Launching Huobi User Protection Fund Initiative

Earlier this year, Huobi Pro, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has launched their own “User Protection Fund”. Huobi prides itself in being an extremely secure and reliable exchange. Therefore, what their “User Protection Fund” will be doing is protecting Huobi users in the following way… The exchange will be taking 20% of their own net revenue and use it all to buy back Huobi Tokens (HTs). These HTs will be placed in the Huobi User Protection Fund. The HTs inside the protection fund will be used solely for security purposes and for user compensation in case of theft or a security breach.

Just last week, apart from the Huobi buyback initiative, Huobi also launched another project dubbed Huobi Security Reserve, which provides further methods and solutions for digital asset protection. Huobi Security Reserve will hold a whopping total of 20,000 Bitcoins in their reserve. This special reserve belongs to Huobi Pro, and it will have funds stored in case of emergencies and security breaches. Provided that losses aren’t the user’s fault, Huobi intends to guarantee all losses fully compensated.

Huobi’s security initiatives provide more comfort and clarity for users. Especially at a time where cybercriminals and masters of digital theft can many time times go unidentified, and exchange and digital wallet providers refuse to pay the user back for any unpreventable losses. Huobi has maintained a perfectly clean record over the past years. Huobi has never been hacked into or had any breaches making it arguably the most reliable exchange worldwide. In addition, with the aforementioned security and guaranteed compensation programs, Huobi easily becomes the best exchange to transact and store your digital assets. In order to learn more about Huobi buybacks check out this link!

By Jaime Gutt.