Huobi’s “Super Node” Initiative Improves HADAX experience for users.

Huobi has released a new initiative which further improves the user experience with HADAX (Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange). “Super Voting Nodes” are large, professional investment organizations that have a top-notch reputation when it comes to voting for projects on HADAX. Super nodes issue professional reviews and vote for projects which apply to HADAX. The idea is, that super nodes will reduce investment risk for HADAX users. By publicly reviewing projects and showing interest in them, users will be guided more efficiently with what projects to invest in, and choosing the proper alternatives. Huobi aims to partner closely with super nodes. Huobi claimed on their website “We hope that super nodes, as a jury, can form a long-term mechanism by nominating projects and giving the first examination of projects, and then projects will enter the public vote.” If you haven’t tried HADAX yet you are welcome to do so using this link!

In order to be a super node, Huobi requires one’s organization to hold at least 1,000,000 HT! What incentives does Huobi give investment and VC firms for them to become super nodes? Huobi has laid out a few. Let us go through some of them!

By joining the super node program, one’s firm can participate in the initial screening of humongous, innovative projects, leading to plenty of early information and inside resources. By getting this early lead at the early stages of these new exciting blockchain initiatives, super nodes can maximize their investment opportunities and beat out potential competition. Furthermore, in an instance where all super nodes vote for one specific project, Huobi will conduct a review on whether to implement the project beyond HADAX and into Huobi Pro’s lead trading platform. When a super node votes on a project it can go directly into HADAX’s project thereby giving the super nodes currency voting privileges.

Huobi’s Capital and Research institutes have been organizing special workshops, in which super nodes are invited to attend. During these workshops, Huobi’s research and capital institutes analyze and break down the latest blockchain projects exclusively. Super nodes are also invited to Huobi’s weekly “Huobi Talks” which is broadcasted live on youtube on this link.

Finally, super nodes are cordially invited to all Huobi meetups and conferences which take place across the globe. The most recent one being a Blockchain Festival in Vietnam which was co-hosted with Kyber Network. Through these massive events super nodes are given the tremendous opportunity to showcase themselves and gain significant exposure.

Firms which have already become super nodes include world renowned Bitmain, which provides high-end hardware and software, blockchain-related products. Bitmain further produces mining equipment, and keeps miners updated with the latest, highest performing products. They are a bitcoin miner and they also design ASIC chips. Bitmain Technologies Ltd. is a private company which has its headquarters in Beijing. One of the other significant ventures which they are undertaking, is the operation of Antpool, which is one of the biggest bitcoin mining pools ever. In addition, Dragon Investment Fund Limited, which is a growing crypto fund headquartered in the Cayman Islands, has also joined the super node team. Dragon, was established in 1994, and it focuses on independent asset management in Vietnam, it is now the country’s longest and most established asset management firm with more than $3 Billion in fixed income, equity and other assets. These are just two examples of large successful companies which have become part of Huobi’s super node program.

Huobi is constantly coming out with numerous innovative ideas, and their success as an overall company can be highlighted by the growth of the Huobi Token, which has grown by more than 300% in a couple of months.